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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

1. Know your room dimensions (multiply thr length by the depth to get room square feet) and know the height of the ceiling.

2. For tall ceilings, you will use a fan that has a down rod and for less tall ceilings, you will choose a “hugger” fan.

3. The fan blades needs to be 8 inches or more from the ceiling AND the blades need to be at least 7 feet from the floor.

4. For the following square foot will choose a fan of these sizes:

Sq Ft Fan Size

Under 75 sq ft 36” or less

75 to 144 sq ft 36” to 42”

144 to 225 sq ft 44” to 50”

225 to 400 sq ft 50” to 54”

For larger rooms

or rooms with high

ceilings 60” or more

Obviously, scale matters. We often will use two or more fans on the back or front porch. However, in a large interior room, we order a fan that is over 60 inches.

If there is a vaulted or extremely high ceiling, above 10 feet, we will chose a longer drop downrod. Typically, ceiling fans that aren’t huggers come with 3 inch and 6 inch drop downs. When you go to order, make sure you know if you want to order an additional drop down.

Choose your color. Not only will you choose the base of the fan color, you will choose the blade color. Keep in mind the darker colors show dust. We use these often in our homes for the impact. You can use an outdoor fan on the interior of your home. We suggest only using a damp or outdoor rated fan on the exterior. Of note, on exterior fans...after a period of time, here in our south Alabama heat, some fan blades will warp.

Choose a fan with or without a light kit.

And finally, you will choose the control type: using a pull chain, a smart fan, a remote or a wall mount control.

Some great places to buy fans are Houzz Overstock and Build with Ferguson.

Best of luck to you ain’t choosing your fan to cool you off. If you have questions, you can always call us at 251.709.4331.

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