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Are New Homes Going to Be Available to Buy This Year?

Is building a new home, designed just for you,

an answer to the question you keep asking yourself?

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We can attest that new construction starts are on the rise. As soon as our homes are finished, they are sold. Baldwin County in Alabama is such a beautiful area so who can blame folks from wanting to live here?

Our thoughts are this: people were already thinking about selling & building before COVID; but, think about it, we all were/are "staying in place" which gave/gives us time to think, research and make decisions.

It's funny, we've seen so many people who had time to clear out clutter and do the maintenance on their home that was needed. Things that are typical when you get your home ready to sell.

So, what we know is COVID is still very present, we need to watch the economy and we must watch what is going on in housing, we do see an economic come back.

If your wheels are turning about home building in Baldwin County, Alabama, give us a call @ 251.621.1752. We'd love to talk with you about your plans to get going on building your next home.

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2020.6.30 ARK Builders, LLC

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