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The ARK Process

OK, so you are ready to build. What is next?  Here is the process that Ron has found to be the most efficient when he build a home. (Sometimes, steps may move around; but, for the most part, this is how he does it.)

1. Planning

  • House plans by draftsman or architect

  • Fitting on lot

2. Engineering

3. Permitting

  • Sewer tap

  • Water tap

  • Temporary power pole

  • Prep lot by getting a land disturbance permit


  • Survey the land boundaries

  • Lay out the home on the property

5. Foundation construction

  • Grading & site prep

Either: footers, block, dirt & plumbing rough in or

monolithic with 2 x 12s, fill & plumbing rough in

(If basement home, then further work necessary.)

  • Plastic, rebar, dig beams & slab inspection

  • Prep then pour slab

6. Framing

  • House framing

  • Roof decked and felted

7. Plumbing top out

  • Pipes & water lines

  • Bath tubs set

  • Outdoor spigots set

8. Roof installed

9. HVAC rough in

  • AC and heat installed

10. Trades rough in

  • Electrical rough in

  • Phone/cable rough in

  • Alarm rough in (optional, not all houses)

  • Whole house vacuum rough in (optional, not all houses)

11. Windows and doors installed

12. Vinyl and/or concrete board siding installed

13. Exterior painting completed

14. 4 way inspection

  • Electrical, HVAC, framing and plumbing

15. Insulation installed; in some areas, energy inspection is performed

16. Brick installed

17. Drywall hung and finished

18. After brick is installed

  • Jobsite is cleaned

  • Underground utilities are ran including power, sewer, water

19. Doors and trim are finished

20. Exterior grade work is completed

21. Interior paint completed

22. Driveway installed

23. Cabinets installed

24. Fine grade occurs on yard

  • Landscape is completed

  • Sprinkler system is installed (not all homes)

25. Bathroom walls and floors complete

  • Usually marble, tile or granite or combo

26. All trims finish top out (except plumbing)

  • alarm (optional, not all homes)

  • cable/phones

  • electrical

  • HVAC

  • vacuum (optional, not all homes)

27. Bath and kitchen counters installed

28. Plumbing finished up

29. Living areas get floored

  • Carpet/hardwood/laminate/scored/tile/vinyl

30. Trim out/misc

  • Door locks, shoe mold, adjusting all doors

31. Garage door(s) installed

32. Installation of appliances and storm shutters (unless Impact windows are installed)

33. Installation of mirrors/shelving/other

34. Final paint

35. Final clean

36. Final touch up

37.Walk through

38. Close house

39. MOVE IN!

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