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Mastering the master on your floor plan.

Where do you put the master bedroom?

Master bedrooms are key when designing a home and, depending of where they are located, a huge selling point in a home. Where you put it is extremely important. Take a look at the positives and negatives of each location to get a feel for where you’d like to locate yours.

1st Floor

Pros: Cons:

1. Convenient Location: The downstairs 1. Noise: Since the master is downstairs

typically has the kitchen, living areas and you may get noise in your room from

laundry room so you won’t have to carry family walking upstairs or someone

laundry upstairs and you’ll be close enough cooking, cleaning, playing or just

to hear everything happening your home. watching TV in the other room.

2. Easy Mobility: You can easily move 2. Privacy: If located near the kitchen or

throughout the first story without having to great room, you might find that you don't

step foot upstairs until you absolutely need to. get the "away-ness" that you might like

3. Utility Bills: If no one is really using the when trying to retreat to you en-suite.

upstairs, you can keep your heating and

cooling costs down in the home.

4. Resale Value: When you go to sell the

home, the resale value of a home with a

first-floor master will be higher.

2nd Floor

Pros: Cons:

1. Noise: You are less likely to hear the 1. Mobility: You can have an accident

TV in the great room or people walking happen and won’t be able to get up the

above you from the second floor so the stairs if you have a broken body part

noise level will most definitely be better so keep that in mind when choosing

upstairs. that in a home plan/design.

2. Privacy: Although you’ll most likely be 2. Noise: Although the footsteps upstairs

on the same level as other rooms, you can won’t be an issue, now you may be

place your master on one side of the home able to hear people walking up and down

and create distance to the other rooms. the stairs.

Back of Home

Pros: Cons:

1. Noise: When you’re in the back of the 1. Disconnected: You may feel like you

home, you’re less likely to hear street noise are disconnected from the home when the

or people entering or leaving your home. master is in the back of your home,

2. Lights: If your bedroom isn’t near the street, especially if you have children.

you won’t have lights from the driveway or

street lamps shining into your window.

Front of Home

Pros: Cons:

1. Peace of Mind: You will able to peek 1. Lights: Street and car lights can peer

outside to see if someone is walking up to into your window and keep you up

your door or to check the weather. at night or early in the morning.

2. Convenient: If you’re in the front of the 2. Privacy: You will have to make sure

home, you may be closer to your children. you have shutters or blinds on your

windows so you’re more comfortable and

won’t have neighbors peeking in at what

you’re doing.

Hope you find this helpful when thinking about or designing your new home.

Have a great Thursday!

ARK Builders, Ron & Amy Cuny 7.16.2020

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