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Build Your Dream Home


Looking for a plan for your new home or have you found one that you really love? Then you are at the right stage to talk to the builder.


Whether you own your own land or lot or you are looking for a lot, you need to get your builder involved. There are several reasons for this. First, the layout of the land. When you meet with your builder, he will look at the fall in the lot and other things that might be of concern.  The land may affect the type of home that you build and will definitely affect the cost of the home (foundation, etc.).  Take advantage of meeting with the builder at the potential home site. He will guide you, in his expert opinion, on his ideas and thoughts vs. what your wants/needs are there.

Starting the process:

The process of home building starts in vary ways depending on the new home owner.

It can start with the land you love.  Whether you have land by inheritance or you are still looking, you can work with the builder to locate the right spot for your home and a knowledgeable Realtor® who can give you specifics on the land. Frequently, Ron, meets with people who are ready to build their homes. He offers sound advice which helps you make a smart decision about what will be right for you and your family.

You might be starting with an architect. Some people, through personal contact or friends/family/business associates, will hire an architect to put their ideas onto paper.  In the US, about 1% to 2% of people building homes hire an architect. And of this percentage, a very small percentage specialize in residential plans (personal home building vs. commercial structures). This is a factor to consider when considering using an architect. Also, of note, architects, on average, cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 to design a plan for you. Most people who end up doing this are wise to consider budgets and level of customization they want. Ron suggests meeting to discuss your ideas, talk about building materials/costs vs. what an architect designs or doesn’t design to keep you in budget. He also suggests, if you choose to go this route, choosing an architect that communicates with your builder from the very beginning stages to maximize the use of materials from an efficient use of building materials.

Remember, when designing your plan, to measure that extra large dining table to make sure it will fit in that dining or kitchen space. If you need a certain length of wall in an area for whatever reason, this is a must to be determined in the planning stage.

Another way people start the process is buy falling in love with a floor plan, or parts of multiple floor plans.  This can happen through searching the internet, by having seen a home that peaks their interest or through the various forms of media: books/magazines/social media/shows on tv.

And, finally, through the builder.  Most builders, who have been building for some time, will either have a plan that might suit you or be modified to suit you or will have built the home you need. Ron, through the years, has built many homes and customizes them all with his draftsman to make each one unique. This is why it is important to involve your builder in the planning stage.

One more note, a couple of factors that get you on the right track are setting your budget and determining how custom you want your home.  This is key. And, once you find your builder, make sure you talk about your overall budget, allowances and how he will kept you where you need to be regarding this.

Designing your home:

When deciding on your home, please consider the area and neighborhood in which you want to build. While a Mediterranean style home make be perfectly suited to many neighborhoods located in the Southwest, this style may present problems if built in a neighborhood in the South that has primarily Craftsman and/or Cottage style homes.  Ron not only recommends that you consider not only building a home that suits your needs, but also says you need to consider what future home buyers of your home may want.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average home buyer spends 13 years in a home before selling. Ron has found, a majority of time that those who say that the home they are building is their “forever home” tend not to stay there forever. Remember also to measure furniture And, when you do decide to build your home, think about what you are paying and what the price per square foot is on your home vs. the current market in your neighborhood/area. This factor will affect what you get when you re-sell. What you paid may not be what you get in the future. One thing is certain, markets change and NO ONE can predict the market.

The lay of the land:

Another part of the home building process is factoring are the following: the zoning and setbacks of the property, the engineering of the plan to suit your property, and how and what utilities will get to your home and the cost of this (consider whether the home needs a well or is going to be hooked to sewer, consider whether your internet/phone provider services the area, etc.). Think about which way your home faces and which side of the home you want the sun to rise and set on. Your builder will take these things into consideration when providing an accurate quote and budget for your home. Again, it is key to have your builder visit your side. Also, any information you can provide to him is always beneficial. You need to be involved in the process.

Money and time to build:

Cost of the home is a major factor to those thinking about building. Having this information, up front, helps you determine the size/style and how custom you go with your new home. The more you customize from plan to amenities, the more it will cost you.  And, be real about your budgets. The more real you are up front and throughout the process, the more you will find it is less stressful. And…communicate frequently with your builder. If you don’t understand something or are bothered by something, call him. Ron always says, “There is no sense in going to bed mad or frustrated.” Life is stressful enough today. And, we feel it is better to discuss things before a problem arises.

Regarding the amount of time it takes to build a home, discuss this with your builder. He should be able to give you an approximate time frame. Obviously, the less custom the home, the less decisions that have to be made, the less cost to build and the less time to build. If the floor plan has been built by the home builder previously, then there is a quicker turnaround time. Also, if he is building one in close proximity to your site, then, it is possible to get the home built quicker.  Remember when your home seems to be at a stand-still state, there may be factors such as weather or delay in material delivery, especially when special ordered. Or, maybe you just can’t decide on the style cabinet you want and didn’t think this would be an issue. And, remember that just because the home shows on TV may show the construction or renovation of a home in a 1 hour time slot doesn’t mean that yours will be. Home building, done right, takes time and allow for it.

Getting ready to build your dream home requires a team that works well together and includes you in that team. Ron’s team, from start to finish, can help you through the process easily and include you every step of the way.  Let him build a home that surpasses your expectations and dreams. Then, please share how happy you are with the experience!

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